Filmmakers make final

The Students Advising Youth (SAY) project invited students aged 12 to 18 to research problems associated with alcohol and make a short film about how they could make their community drug free and alcohol aware.

Media teacher Heather Owen said Year 12 students James Klynnyk and Callum Anderson compiled their film last year as part of their certificate II creative industries course at the Mt Helena high school.

The teenagers came fifth in the 2015 challenge, which received entries from more than 410 students across the state representing 33 schools and youth groups.

“The film was called Choices and the concept involved two sisters who go to a party where one chose to drink and the other did not, with obvious consequences,” Ms Owen said.

“Their mother is an alcoholic and the sober sister tells the other that she needs to choose between making something of her life, or end up like their mother.”

Sergeant Paul Trimble said young people were often reluctant to take advice from adults on board, and the SAY project empowered young people to be the educators of youth and their peers on topical subjects.