Fine defaulter is on State’s top 100 list

Attorney-general Michael Mischin launched the ‘name and shame’ site on August 21, which identifies the State’s worst 100 fine defaulters by name, suburb and the amount they owe.

Among them was GT Homes Pty Ltd which owes $52,866.

The City of York reported in April 2011 that it had won an appeal in the Magistrates Court for the unapproved storage of disused materials and rubbish on Lot 118 (56) North Road, York and Lot 76(PT) 2118 Top Beverley Road, Cold Harbour, that resulted in a $50,000 fine plus costs being placed against landowner Gregory Bell, as a director of GT Homes.

‘Every person on the list each owes tens of thousands of dollars, with a handful of individuals and companies owing between $100,000 and $250,000 each,’ Mr Mischin said.

‘It not only indicates a pattern of law breaking, but a complete disregard for our laws and for their fellow West Australians.’ The list is at