Flu’s deadly side-effect

Little Steele in intensive care at Princess Margaret Hospital.
Little Steele in intensive care at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Mrs Serramondi and her fly-in, fly-out husband Karl had to relocate from the Pilbara to Lesmurdie after their five-month-old son Steele was diagnosed with a heart condition last year.

Steele contracted the flu when he was four months old, and when he did not show any signs of improvement Mrs Serramondi took him to Port Hedland Hospital.

He was then diagnosed with a severe heart condition.

At five months old, the Royal Flying Doctor Service flew him to Princess Margaret Hospital.

Steele has had to undergo three heart operations in the past two years in Melbourne and Perth.

Mrs Serramondi said she wanted to prevent other families from experiencing the same health issues that her son had suffered.

‘We want to thank everyone ” family, friends, the dedicated doctors and nurses at PMH and RCH who helped us, including Heart Kids WA,’ Mrs Serramondi said.

‘With Heart Kids, we dread this time of the year, as the common flu and other viruses travel around.

‘It can become a serious illness and in some cases become life-threatening.

‘We are lucky our son is now recovering .’

The Serramondis named their son to remind them of the wonderful years living in the Pilbara.

But since his resilience in the face of both illnesses ” the flu and his heart condition ” he is proving to be made of Steele as well.