Help solve pram mystery

Maggie with the antique pram.
Maggie with the antique pram.

Maggie, who asked that her surname not be used, said she was selling cosmetics in the Hills more than 40 years ago when she spied the pram at a home in Mundaring.

The owner needed some quick cash and, noticing Maggie’s interest, asked her if she wanted to buy it.

Maggie, an antique collector, jumped at the chance.

‘It was such a gorgeous pram and I was into buying antiques,’ she said.

The wrought-iron-framed pram has a small box underneath the main cradle for carrying items.

It’s wicker-made cradle is strung between two handles, so it can we pushed along either way.

The pram comes apart in two pieces for transportation.

Maggie is considering donating the pram to the WA Museum, but she needs more information first.

‘The museum says it will not take the pram unless it comes with a complete history,’ she said.

‘So, if there are any collectors out there who can help me, I would be very grateful.’

Maggie said she believed the original owner of the pram, now in her 90s, had moved away from the Hills area.

If you can help, call Maggie on 9255 4643.