Hills campaign against new Perth Airport flight corridor launched

Stop the New Flight Corridor campaigners from back left: David Silk, Michelle Jessup, Steve Parish, Bree Donaldson, Wendy Kozak and Francine Bell.
Stop the New Flight Corridor campaigners from back left: David Silk, Michelle Jessup, Steve Parish, Bree Donaldson, Wendy Kozak and Francine Bell.

RESIDENTS against a new flight corridor over their homes this week have launched their own community awareness campaign.

The Stop the New Flight Corridor Action group in Darlington formed after residents received an airport mail-out.

Group coordinator Wendy Kozak said the notification made no mention of a new flight corridor north east of the airport and referred readers to a website.

An online search of a 1000-page document showed a new flight corridor for plane departures up to 19 times daily on weekdays and several weekend flights over a 24-hour period.

The planes would fly over Boya, Darlington, Glen Forrest, Helena Valley, Mahogany Creek and Mundaring.

“This of course is just a projection and there could be many more flights as time goes on, as the corridor would be permanent for many generations,” Ms Kozak said.

“Impacts to the community would be immense, with aircraft noise so loud it would pitch to a point where someone would be unable to hear a person shouting next to them.

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“A very different experience to the current high flying, occasional arrival flights we may see cross over at high altitude.”

However, an airport spokeswoman said claims of “many more flights” were incorrect.

“Modelling shows that by 2045 there would be up to 22 flights per 24-hour period with an average of 11 per day – an increase of up to three flights per day,” she said.

Ms Kozak said Mundaring Shire councillors, who sit on the runway project committee, last week said they were unaware of the new flight corridor.

“Residents are mostly concerned about noise interruptions to school activities, hydrocarbon fallout and the impact on tourism,” she said.

“The draft plan had no information on aircraft type, flight heights, ground noise levels or the time of overhead flights over the area.

“Modelling is still being finalised for the new flight corridor and this gives the community a chance to make a difference.”

The Stop the New Flight Corridor research is published on the group’s social media page.

New flight corridors are part of an airport redevelopment plan to add a third runway between 2023 and 2028.

The airport spokeswoman said about 100 people visited a recent airport expo in Darlington, one of more than 20 in Perth.

She said the consultation process provided information on proposed flight corridors.

“It’s important to note that flight paths (as opposed to flight corridors) will be designed by Airservices Australia (a Federal government agency) three years prior to the commencement of operations on the new runway,” she said.

She said noise from an existing departure flight corridor already impacted some of the north eastern suburbs.

“Perth Airport has sought to use existing flight corridors where possible for the proposed operations of the new runway,” she said.

“A proposed flight corridor for the new runway would see a small number of departing flights use a new flight path over this area. These flights will be turbo-prop aircraft, not jets.”

For details of upcoming airport expos, visit www.newrunway.com.au.

The National Airport Safeguarding Framework outlines the “preferred noise descriptor at aircraft noise events exceeding 70 decibels”.

“Perth Airport adopts an even more conservative approach using an N65 (aircraft noise events exceeding 65 decibels) contour for five or more events. Small sections of Boya and Darlington do fall within this N65 contour,” she said.

The public submission period closes on August 24.

What: Stop the New Corridor Action group Q&A

When: 11am-1pm July 15, 22

Where: Pines Playground, Owen Road, Darlington

Email: stoptheflightcorridor@gmail.com