Incomes falling in Perth Hills: new ABS data released

Bindoon Town Hall in Shire of Chittering.
Bindoon Town Hall in Shire of Chittering.

NEW data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows incomes are falling in local government areas across the Perth Hills.

UnionsWA secretary Meredith Hammat said the data also showed nationally four of the top five areas with the highest median incomes are in WA.

“The facts paint a start contrast between the winners and losers across WA,” she said.

“York in the Perth Hills has the second lowest typical or median personal income of any local government area in WA and over the two taxation years 2013-14 to 2015-6 incomes fell by over 21 per cent.”

Other struggling townships with low and falling incomes are Chittering and Toodyay.

“Peppermint Grove in Perth’s affluent western suburbs has the second highest personal income in Australia,” she said.

Ms Hammat said the findings highlighted the need to address inequalities and the need for a more diverse economy across WA based on “decent, skilled jobs”.

“Wages growth has been too slow and those on low incomes are the most harshly affected by rising essential costs of living,” she said.

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Perth Hills LGAs       2015-16

Median $       Change Median % 2013-16

Chittering        $48,207       -0.7%

Gingin             $38,359       1.5%

Northam          $50,387       1.3%

Toodyay          $44,332       -2.9%

York                $31,452       -21.7%