Kangaroo found with ears hacked off in horrific Hazelmere roadside discovery

The kangaroo found with its ears cut off. Picture: Janine Giles.
The kangaroo found with its ears cut off. Picture: Janine Giles.

WARNING: Story contains graphic images.

A WILDLIFE volunteer says she was “mortified” to find a dead kangaroo with its ears cut off in Hazelmere – but the RSPCA has ruled out investigating the incident.

Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre volunteer Janine Giles said she came across the kangaroo on the side of Midland Road in Hazelmere as she was driving home from work last week.

“When I saw him on the side of the road I had to turn around as I didn’t stop in time,” she said.

I saw the flash of red and thought he must have had severe head trauma.

“Once I realised someone had removed his ears I was mortified.”

She said the body of the kangaroo was stiffening, but full rigor mortis had not set in.

“I didn’t roll him over but I could not see any obvious cause of death,” she said.

According to Ms Giles there were none of the usual signs of death from a motor vehicle collision, such as blood around the mouth or nose, missing fur or broken limbs.

An RSPCA WA spokesman said the organisation would not be investigating because a report had not been made and it was unclear whether the ears were cut off before or after the kangaroo died.

Ms Giles issued a reminder to members of the public to check dead kangaroos to see if there were injured joeys nearby – and said people should not stand by if they see animal cruelty.

“Attention needs to be drawn to this type of anti-social behaviour to remind the public there are unbalanced people like this in our society – cutting the ears off an animal is not normal behaviour,” she said.

“Report any animal cruelty to the relevant authorities – whether it be the police or an animal rescue organisation.

“Staying quiet and thinking you can’t do anything won’t help any animal.

“A phonecall or email may just make all the difference.”

If you find injured wildlife, call Kanyana on 9291 3900 or the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055.

Click here for information on reporting animal cruelty.

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