Landfill safe for water – SITA

The company�s state general manager Nial Stock said ongoing results from 23 groundwater monitoring bores at the site reinforced the Department of Water�s view that the project would not affect the Mundaring Weir drinking water catchment.

�The landfill will be located in the upper reaches of the regional water catchment, away from major water bodies and the Avon River,� Mr Stock said.

�Testing overseen by respected environmental consultants Golder Associates also confirmed the groundwater in the vicinity of the proposed site is salty, likely as a result of dry land salinity.�

Mr Stock said protection and separation of all water sources was enhanced by recent design changes, including lifting the base of the landfill, to increase the distance from any groundwater sources.

The facility would also include a continuous synthetic liner system above a low-|permeability protective layer of clay under the landfill, he said.

Mr Stock said in addition to rigorous environmental safeguards, SITA was continuing to establish a framework to deliver economic benefits to York and the region when the project was able to proceed.

�We have now entered into a heads of agreement with York-based Avon Waste to provide management services at the Allawuna facility.

Mr Stock said it was estimated the landfill project would provide 22 full-time and three part-time jobs.