Learning lie of the land

NRM’s Aboriginal Facilitator Kerry Horan.
NRM’s Aboriginal Facilitator Kerry Horan.

It features short films and interviews about Noongar land management projects recorded over the past five years.

The website was designed by natural resource management group Wheatbelt NRM and will be managed by the Aboriginal community.

Wheatbelt NRM Aboriginal facilitator Kerry Horan said the website highlighted a range of projects, such as the use of fire to enhance biodiversity and the preservation of significant cultural sites.

‘One story that is featured is about the clean-up of a ngamma, or rock hole, at Derbidin near Wyal-katchem,’ Ms Horan said.

‘These ngammas are important to Aboriginal people because they provided a source of water during the dry season and as meeting places to socialise, share information and trade goods.

‘The ngamma also feature prominently in the Nyitting (Noongar word for dreaming).’

Six stories are already featured on the site and it will undergo further development over the next five years, with another 15 stories to be recorded.

‘The Noongar have a responsibility to look after country and we see this project as enhancing opportunities for them to do that,’ Ms Horan said.

The website is at moorditjboodjar.com.au.