Locals’ phone book fame

Locals’ phone book fame

Ms Sleer, of Beverley, snapped photos of a wire sculpture horse and a painted bus perched on top of Peace Hills at the Historical, Agricultural and Environmental Festival, at Swan Hills Farm, Southern Brook, near Northam

High Wycombe’s Glenn Casey was also a major prizewinner with his stunning image of a colourful canola field near York.

The three images make up almost half the pictures taken by amateur photographers under the theme ‘Only Locals Know’ and will appear on the cover.

For Daniel Caughey, it was his his second success in the competition in as many years.

He said it was an honour for his photo to be chosen to represent the local community and he could not wait until the book landed on his doorstep.

‘To be named a winner two years in a row is a complete surprise,’ Mr Caughey said.

‘I have been an amateur photographer for about five years now and have a passion for shooting interesting weather and sunsets in particular,’ he said.

Capture the Cover judge, professional photographer Steve Fraser said Ms Sleer’s images summed up the region perfectly.

‘The Only Locals Know theme was about finding those things that make our communities unique ” the things that remind you why you love where you live and what makes it special,’ he said.

The books will be delivered over the next six weeks.