Looking to off-load land

As part of a rationalisation strategy, the Shire is looking for submission of tenders for Kingia Road and Balga Terrace in Wundowie, Lot 160 Sims Road in Wundowie, Lot 17 and 18 Chidlow Street in Northam and Lot 21 Northam-York Road in Muluckine.

Councillors unanimously supported selling the properties at a council meeting last month.

Shire of Northam President Steven Pollard said the rationalisation strategy process started years ago, with the Shire considering parcels of land that were not serving their interests.

‘There are a number of parcels that are not of use to the Shire,’ he said.

‘These are the priority ones though, the first cabs off the rank.

‘If we get reasonable prices for these, we might do it again after 12 months with other parcels of land.’

Mr Pollard said the first few properties would test the market in Northam, which he said is neither booming nor depressed.

‘We haven’t decided what to do with funds made from the sale yet,’ he said.

‘They are not tied to anything, so we can just put them towards capital investments we would like to make.’

Council allocated a 28-day period for the submission of tenders for the land.

Kingia Road and Balga Terrace in Wundowie and Lot 17 and 18 Chidlow Street in Northam both have as a condition of sale, that a residential development be completed within two years of the sale.