Lotto luck for syndicate

Midland Gate Lottery Kiosk owner Lance McCrae with daughters Amy and Ellie.
Midland Gate Lottery Kiosk owner Lance McCrae with daughters Amy and Ellie.

There were five winners nationwide who picked the correct six numbers, each taking home $810,818.

The local syndicate members will pocket $101,352 each.

The winning ticket was sold by Midland Gate Lottery Kiosk.

Kiosk owner Lance McCrae said it was great to have a local winner.

He said it was the second Division 1 winning ticket the kiosk had sold in the past three months.

‘We sold a $1 million ticket for a Monday draw about four months ago,’ he said.

‘They say things come in threes, so we are hoping to sell another one soon.’

Mr McCrae, who works at the kiosk with his daughters Amy and Ellie, said the woman who bought the ticket came in to the shop on Monday to personally thank him.

‘It’s great to think the ticket was sold locally to some local people who will benefit,’ he said.

The syndicate members, who wished to remain anonymous, said the celebrations had started after their win.

Some members doubted the big win after misreading the numbers but once the news was confirmed, excitement took over.

‘I triple checked our original ticket and then immediately locked it in the safe once I had confirmed it was a winner,’ the syndicate organiser said.

‘There have been a few sleepless nights before coming in to verify the news but it’s all so exciting.’

The woman said the syndicate members planned to use the cash to help pay down mortgages, take a holiday and share it with family members.

‘For some of us the money has come at a really good time, so it’s been nice to see how it will help one another,’ she said.