Midland: new life thanks to State funding for PlusLife

Midland: new life thanks to State funding for PlusLife

WA’S only blood and tissue bank has avoided closure after the State Government announced it would provide funds to help the service move to Midland.

Last Thursday’s State Budget included $10 million for PlusLife to build new facilities, which managing director Anne Cowie said the organisation had been trying to raise funds for over the past six years.

“We have been waiting for a financial commitment from the State Government to build appropriate accommodation in Midland,” she said.

“This funding commitment means WA can now continue to have a bone donor retrieval program with ready availability of quality transplant material, rather than forcing surgeons to seek grafts from interstate or overseas banks.”

Bone and tissue donations are required almost every day to treat patients with spinal deformities, bone cancers, arthritic joint disease and sporting injuries, as well as facial and dental reconstructions.

“Last year alone, we supplied bone and tissue to more than 500 patients,” Mrs Cowie said.

“This decision should offer some comfort to West Australians, particularly those who may need to call on a life-changing bone or tissue donation in the future.”

She said the organisation had already spent more than $164,000 on plans for the Midland headquarters at the corner of Yelverton Drive and Helena Street.

“We are now in a position to ramp up our timelines to ensure this critical development is built and we can move our laboratory, clean rooms and freezer accommodation to Midland by December 2017.”