More CCTV cameras to join crime fight

The City of Swan wants to install 50 CCTV cameras across the area over the next five years.
The City of Swan wants to install 50 CCTV cameras across the area over the next five years.

The funding is part of the Government’s $50 million plan to tackle local crime hotspots across Australia and provide safer streets to communities.

The cameras and better lighting will focus on retail and entertainment premises, as well as commercial precincts that have established high rates of crime.

City of Swan chief executive Mike Foley said the council would co-fund the project and map out the most important areas for CCTV locations, with the Ellenbrook town |centre being a key focus.

‘The city aims to install about 50 CCTV cameras in Midland and Ellenbrook over the next five years,’ he said.

Mr Foley described the funding as ‘a major boost’ to the CCTV program in Ellenbrook and Midland.

‘While CCTV alone does not prevent or solve crime and anti-social behaviour, it has an important role,’ he said.

‘We have used it to successfully mitigate crime in numerous areas, particularly vandalism to buildings and graffiti. It also helps people to feel safer in their homes.’

Hasluck MHR Ken Wyatt welcomed the Federal Government’s decision.

‘When I speak to residents and small businesses in Midland, they often express to me their concerns over public safety,’ he said.

‘I will continue to push for more funding under the Safer Streets Program so we feel safe on our streets.’

Mr Wyatt said the City of Swan and Swan Chamber of Commerce had played a crucial role in advocating for more CCTV cameras.

Swan Chamber of Commerce president Joe Natoli said safer streets could help in developing an active night culture in the precincts, moving away from them being seen as merely 9 to 5 areas.

‘We know CCTV is a powerful deterrent to crime and anti-social behaviour,’ Mr Natoli said.