More eyes on the streets

At a recent meeting, the committee was advised that through WA Police Strategic Crime Prevention funding, the Shire of Northam had installed additional CCTV cameras in the Northam CBD.

All of Northam’s CCTV cameras are linked to the Northam Police Station, where the cameras can be monitored in real time on large screens and the footage archived.

Police said it was not always possible to monitor CCTV live, so it was important that people still called police with matters of anti-social behaviour or property damage, such as vandalism or graffiti.

If police receive a call they can estimate when the damage occurred and the archived footage is available online.

People are also encouraged to notify the shire of any damage to council property. This will also assist in identifying the offenders and enabling repairs.

Contact 9622 4260 or 9622 6100 to report property damage.