More visible police wanted in the Wheatbelt, according to survey

TRAFFIC enforcement in the Wheatbelt needs to be increased with residents saying not enough is being done, according to the 2015 Wheatbelt Community Attitudes Survey.

The Wheatbelt’s road fatality rate is 11 times the metropolitan rate, six times the state rate and double nearby regions.

RAC general manager corporate affairs Will Golsby said survey respondents highlighted they didn’t encounter police cars and booze buses enough, with some noting that they have known people to drink drive for years.

“Forty per cent of the community said not enough is being done by the authorities to actually deter people from these dangerous behaviours,” Mr Golsby said.

“The community feels that to reduce the number of road deaths and serious injuries the government needs to put more flashing lights on the roads.”

The survey, of nearly 500 respondents, found more than 50 per cent wanted more driver education and training to improve the high road fatality rate in the region.

It also revealed 91 per cent of Wheatbelt drivers rated themselves as good drivers.