Motorama torque of the town

Motorama torque of the town

More than 500 vehicles from various car clubs and privateers descended on the recreation centre grounds and more than 4000 fans turned out to view the displays ” almost four times the town’s population.

Mr Rumjantsev said he was ecstatic with the crowd numbers.

‘I want to thank all the people who visited our town,’ he said.

‘People commented we had good old-fashioned ideas, were people-friendly, had a country carnival atmosphere and fabulous entertainment for all ages,’ Mr Rumjantsev said.

He also praised the Shire of Northam for its sponsorship and assistance that helped make the event a success.

Historic car brands featured included Jowet, Sunbeam, Vanguard, Lightburn, Rootes and Plymouth, as well as more familiar brands such as Holden, Morgan, Ford, Jaguar, Ferrari, Land Rover, Chevrolet and Rolls-Royce.

Muscle cars, including much-prized Mustangs and Corvettes, were highly popular, along with a display of military vehicles.

There was a display of Boss V8 road bikes and a rare early Indian motorcycle first manufactured in 1901.

The motorama also had jewellery, knitware, embroidery and jams on sale.