Mundaring Christian College, Men’s Shed and Shire link to work on environmental projects

Mundaring Christian College, Men’s Shed and Shire link to work on environmental projects

MUNDARING Christian College students are helping their local shire in an environmental conservation program at the site of the new indoor recreation centre.

Development of the $10.1 million building is set to start this month after an environmental mitigation strategy commissioned by the Shire of Mundaring.

Shire President David Lavell said the students and members from the Mundaring Men’s Shed would be involved in a variety of environmental projects during development.

A fauna relocation expert will check the area and ensure birds and wildlife such as possums are moved to a safe location.

“While there will be felling of some of the trees within the design footprint, many will remain at the site and be used as ground logs,” Cr Lavell said.

“The logs will continue to provide environmental benefits such as for animals using the hollows as homes and to sharpen their beaks and claws.”

Nesting boxes will be included.

“There will be around a dozen nesting boxes created for the animals, some of which will be flat-packed by the Men’s Shed and then passed on to local primary school children to decorate,” Cr Lavell said.

“Others will be created and built by high school students during future Design and Technology classes.”

Part of the preparation process also includes taking the top 100mm of topsoil to harvest as seedbank as part of the Shire’s revegetation program. The environmental assessment identified it was a local natural seed and therefore would regenerate easily in the area.

Cr Lavell said he was pleased the local community could be involved in one of Mundaring’s major projects.

“The local residents have been waiting for this facility for a long time as it opens up many opportunities for sport to be played all year round,” he said.

“The new Mundaring Recreation Centre will deliver a fantastic venue for the entire region.”

Shire President David Lavell, Mundaring Christian College Students Chaela Hannen-Williams (Year 9), Elijah Croot (Year 6) and Deputy President Patrick Bertola.