New age of policing

New age of policing

Officer in charge Sergeant Mark Gubanyi said he was often asked what his job entailed, so he wanted to give the community an idea of what a typical week was like for him.

‘Being an officer in charge of a regional WA police station is challenging and very rewarding,’ Sgt Gubanyi said.

‘It requires a dedicated person with a strong team of officers that reside within their town, show a sound knowledge in policing skills and are able to communicate well with the community and understands their concerns ” we are fortunate to have that great team.

‘I am dedicated and passionate at making York a safer community.’

Sgt Gubanyi took up his position as an OIC in York in December, 2011, and said he had seen a massive change for the better in the way they police.

‘Social media has been a big leap forward in sharing information between police and the York community,’ he said.

‘eWatch and recently Twitter has enable us to share with the community on what is occurring within York ” both crime and what police have been doing.’