New centre offers support for families

The group has links to the national and international fields in the area and can assist with support needed for people of all ages and their families.

Autism Association chief executive Joan McKenna-Kerr recently opened the Midland Autism Centre with Disability Services Minister Helen Morton.

�The Autism Association of Western Australia has a long history of delivering services to both children and adults with autism in the Midland area,� Mrs Morton said.

�We recognise that it would make a considerable difference to families if we opened a local service-hub where they can come to find out more about services or take advantage of the range of services being delivered at the centre.�

Ms McKenna-Kerr said the centre would provide a range of services.

�Intervention at an early stage as well as school support and after-school programs will be offered,� she said.

�Also the centre links with adults with autism and includes community living post-school-options and employment support.�