New Drug Aware ice awareness campaign

A NEW Drug Aware methamphetamine campaign shows how the illicit drug takes control of an individual and affects the lives of people around them.

The campaign re-tells the experiences of real people for radio, social media and night venues.

Health Minister Helen Morton said the aim was to provide greater insight into the impact of the drug.

“We have heard so many stories about people’s lives unravelling due to meth use, where the signs that meth was taking control may have been missed,” Mrs Morton said.

“This unique campaign speaks directly to 17 to 25-year-olds who are at risk of using meth.”

Mrs Morton said harder-to-reach regular users, their parents, family and friends were also a target of the campaign to encourage people to seek help and support earlier. Users of the drug have shared their stories of how the drug leads to job loss, family fighting, criminal convictions and serious health and mental health problems.

“In each of the ads we also directly link people with where to get help,” Mrs Morton said.

The number of meth users has increased slightly in the past three years, with people using the more potent crystal form called ice more frequently, which results in greater harm.

“For those affected by meth, and those close to them, we know methamphetamine-related harm is a significant problem,” Mrs Morton said.

For help, call the Alcohol and Drug Support Line 24/7 on 9442 5000, or parents can speak to a trained parent support person on 9442 5050.