No spirit too spooky

Perth's Paranormal Activity research team
Perth's Paranormal Activity research team

The group, which formed just five months ago, has already investigated some of the region’s reportedly most haunted sites, including the Kalamunda Hotel, Fremantle Gaol and Fremantle Arts Centre.

Group founder Melissa Wood said the not-for-profit group conducts free private investigations as well as run workshops to show how they use high-tech equipment like cameras and voice recorders to capture ghostly apparitions and electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

Mrs Wood said the Kalamunda Hotel probe, conducted about four months ago, showed unusual activity.

‘It’s rare to have more than one or two EVPs in one night but at the hotel we had eight,’ she said.

The group also captured a digital image on the hotel balcony that shows a white orb ghost-like figure.

Co founder Bev Bunce admitted that even the most seasoned investigators often entered some sites with trepidation.

‘You have to have fear, otherwise you are being stupid,’ she said.

‘At one location, we heard footsteps; thinking it was security, we looked up and saw someone walking towards us. Then the person completely disappeared.’