Carole and Russell Bramston overwhelmed with House Rules renovation of their Boya home

Carole Bramston in her Boya home.
Carole Bramston in her Boya home.

CAROLE and Russell Bramston were brought to tears when they saw their newly renovated house in Monday’s emotional “house reveal” on Channel 7’s reality TV show House Rules.

The couple, who bought their house on the classified website Gumtree, were ‘blown away’ when they walked through the front door of their Boya home, which had been transformed by the five competing couples.

Ms Bramston said while the high-quality renovations would definitely provide a big increase in the value of their property, they would not be selling.

Instead, they are looking forward to living there for years to come.

‘It was an amazing transformation,’ Ms Bramston said this week.

‘We were blown away.’

The Bramstons gave Queenslanders Maddi and Lloyd a score of 8 for renovating their walk-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom, while Sydneysiders Candy and Ryan received a 5 for their main bedroom, deck, laundry and hallway.

Tasmanians Brooke and Grant were given 7 points for the kitchen and butler’s pantry, with the other two teams each scoring 6.

After the first two house transformations of the series, the Bramstons are on top of the leaderboard in the House Rules competition.

The leaderboard is determined by average scores for each couple, taking into account the number of renovations they have completed.

The team at the bottom after the first six rounds will be eliminated.