Parkerville coffee van a lucky hot spot for loyal customers

Parkerville coffee van a lucky hot spot for loyal customers

PLANET Espresso in Parkerville could be a million dollar hot spot for coffee drinkers in the future.

The owner of Planet Espresso in Parkerville, Robyn Craggs, has had a string of winners in the BioPak Cup of Cash campaign, with more of her customers winning prizes more than any other kiosk or cafe in Australia.

One of her customers has already won $50 seven times.

“Without the support and loyalty of my beautiful customers, I don’t have a business,” Ms Craggs said.

“So when the competition was introduced, I saw it as an opportunity to give back to my customers and for them to have a chance at winning $50 just by entering their BioCup code.

“Since the Campaign started, my van has had the most $50 winners Australia-wide.

“Some say I have purchased the lucky box of cups.

“Not so. Winners are chosen daily at random from that day’s entries.”

Mundaring customer Zoella Casotti said she had won $50 after previously never winning anything.

“It was exciting to win something when you never do,” she said.

“Also Robyn is so nice to all her customers and so genuine and caring and her customer service skills are excellent; she always remembers what you have and she is a great part of the community.”

To be in with a chance, customers have to enter the code on their cup.