Parkerville Tavern to swing to sounds of The Milford Street Shakers

Robbie Bresland, Ian O’Connor, Dom D’Leno, Tom Martin and Mark Sprogowski.
Robbie Bresland, Ian O’Connor, Dom D’Leno, Tom Martin and Mark Sprogowski.

THE Parkerville Tavern on February 25 is going to host something of an old boys’ reunion for Lesmurdie’s Mazenod College.

Tavern owners Tom Martin and Ian O’Connor graduated from the college in 1991 and are set to host the big band sound of The Milford Street Shakers, which also happens to have three Mazenod old boys as members.

The three former students, Mark Sprogowski, who graduated in 1993, Robbie Bresland in 1991 and Dom D’Leno in 1997, didn’t really know each other at school, but met through the Kalamunda Youth Swing Band, which continues to play a big role in promoting local musicians.

It was from their involvement in the Kalamunda Youth Swing Band that Mark, Robbie and Dom became part of the first iteration of The Milford Street Shakers as the band Stratosfunk.

When the band’s lead singer left after seven years to have a baby, the band had a short hiatus before reforming with a new appellation.

And the origins of the name?

“We’d been playing around with names and been performing as Shake in a five-piece band and rehearsing at Vision Recording & Rehearsal Studios in Milford Street in Victoria Park – hence the name,” band spokesman Dom D’Leno said.

It’s a happy coincidence that the Milford Street Shakers have been signed to play their big band brand of ’60s soul in the outdoor setting at the Parkerville, where the nine-piece band will take audiences on a journey through the American centres of soul music.

Tavern director Joanne O’Connor said the concert was anticipated to be one of the highlights of 2017 for the tavern.

The evening will kick off at 6pm with the Mark Turner and Jon Matthews duo performing soul, R&B and blues covers to get the audience warmed up.

They will hand over to The Milford Street Shakers performing Beyond Hitsville: Motown to Muscle Shoals until 9pm.

Tickets are $25, with children under six free.

They are available from or on a first come, first served basis at the gate on the night.