Pilgrim Trail: new walk trail tracks from Subiaco to New Norcia

Dr Duncan Jefferson who started the Pilgrim Trail from New Norcia.
Dr Duncan Jefferson who started the Pilgrim Trail from New Norcia.

THE Pilgrim Trail is a 202km walking trail that winds its way from St Joseph’s Church in Subiaco to New Norcia.

It follows the inspiration and footsteps of Dom Rosendo Salvado, the founder of the New Norcia church and mission for the monks from Spain.

Launched officially by The Governor of Western Australia Kerry Sanderson, the trail is now open for walks with pilgrims wishing to further their spiritual search.

The walk is from Subiaco to New Norcia.

People walking are advised to check for the bushfire season as it is not advised to walk during this time of year.

Its best to walk in April to October for safety Duncan Jefferson, the trail founder, said.

The trail is also available on the Trails WA app and website.

The trial is based on the similar Compostelo de Santiago in Spain.

Guildford features in the trail on day one for walkers, or people can pick up the walk from Guildford if they prefer to walk from there, Dr Jefferson said.

The trail is planned out over a seven-day period for bushwalkers who must take their own water the whole way.

Dr Jefferson was inspired to open the trail when he returned from walking the Camino de Santiago in 2008.

He started to explore similar options for walkers in WA.

Dr Jefferson said he had worked in rural Victoria for eight years before he moved to WA to help set up the Hospice Palliative Care service.

He has mainly worked as a GP.

“In 2008 I returned from walking the Camino Frances in Spain and began the Camino Salvado – a pilgrim walk – between Subiaco, WA and New Norcia, the only Monastery town in Australia,” he said.

“This year we officially launched the Pilgrim Trail – the permanent alignment of that pilgrim route – a 202km walking trail for all Australians.”

The trail may be able to offer people hope, unexpected friendships and love of others can transform seeming disasters into something beautiful, as it has done for centuries in Europe, he said.

Anyone interested in completing the walk can go here: http://pilgrimtrail.com.au/the_trail/ for more information or email the founder:

Email: duncan.teamjeffo@gmail.com