Plan ahead with Gazette

The Hills Gazette will be delivered to your home each Friday from next week.

Our readers have told us they would like to receive a copy of their local Community newspaper one day earlier, to make sure they don’t miss preview coverage of a special weekend event or activity.

Now you can grab a copy of the paper each Friday and use it to make plans around a busy weekend schedule.

All your regular Gazette features will still be there, including the popular Street Watch, Near You and sports pages.

We will continue to publish an extensive list of ‘things to do’ across the Perth Hills in our special Weekend Diary.

Our real estate section will be expanded, too, providing more home opens for you to visit if you are looking to purchase a new house.

The move to Fridays will enable you to get more out of your community newspaper.

Don’t forget to read your Hills Gazette ” out Fridays from next week.