Planning minister warns shire

Health Minister John Day.
Health Minister John Day.

The newly re-elected Member for Kalamunda told the Gazette the State Government would consider cutting Shire funding if it continued to spend money on ‘futile exercises’.

Mr Day’s comments came as a reaction to the Shire’s decision to spend about $80,000 to hold a poll to gauge ratepayer views on whether or not they would support a merger with another local government.

‘In my view, this is a waste of money,’ Mr Day said.

He said the referendum would be held long after local government submissions on amalgamations were due to be lodged with the State Government and would ‘have little effect’ on any eventual outcomes.

‘During the election campaign, the Liberal Government promised about $7 million to improve facilities in the Shire of Kalamunda, but we would be less enthusiastic to do so in the future if they continue to waste money like this,’ Mr Day said.

He said he would rather see the money spent on community facilities.

Kalamunda Shire acting CEO Rhonda Hardy described Mr Day’s comments as ‘interesting’, but said the council stood by its decision to hold the referendum.

‘Mr Day has called and told me he was not happy with the council’s decision,’ she said.

‘It is not up to me to make the choice to back down ‘