Plight brings out our best in the Hills community

THE Hills Gazette’s front-page story on The Anthony Donovan Project last week prompted an amazing response from the local community and beyond.

The article covered the plight of Katrina Donovan and her four children to finish the renovations husband and father Anthony “Antz” Donovan started before he died last December.

Antz got as far as building the walls and foundation of the home extension, which would have seen his children have their own room for the first time.

But the renovations stopped when tragedy struck during an off-road mishap, and since then the family have lived in challenging circumstances.

Leaks in the main house meant they have at times had to sleep in the lounge room while mould is fixed in the bedrooms.

Rotary Club member Mike Donnes started The Anthony Donovan Project with four other men who were keen to see the Donovan family lifted out of trying times.

He said his faith in the community got a boost after readers of the Hills Gazette and listeners of 6PR radio called in to offer their help.

“It goes right down to grassroots and it’s been quite spectacular — it restores your faith in human nature,” he said.

“Last week we had a huge response — people calling offering toilets, paint, labour and now we have a plumber and bricklayer on board too.

“One woman called just to give us a donation and another called just to offer sandwiches when we’re at work, which has been really good.”

The first priority is getting a new roof on the home, which the project team plans to start next month.

“Once we’ve got the roof on, a lot of the other stuff can happen,” Mr Donnes said.

To offer help, or supplies for the project, call Mike Donnes on 0427 775 849 and visit The Anthony Donovan Project Facebook page.