Rare Chevy for auction

Love me tender: one of Elvis' prized Chevrolets.
Love me tender: one of Elvis' prized Chevrolets.

Because that’s when one of ‘Elvis Presley’s’ prized Chevrolets is going under the hammer.

Suspicious minds?

Well, that’s all right, because the car, a 1957 pillarless V8 sports coupe, one of the bow-tie brand’s most sought-after collectables, actually belongs to Steve Bumbak, also known as The Chevy Man ” and the 54-year-old is one of the world’s best Elvis impersonators.

He finished in the top three in an Elvis sing-off in Lake Tahoe a few years ago.

His love affair with Chevrolets began when he was a pre-teen and his dad owned a ’55 Chevrolet.

‘I promised myself I’d have it one day,’ he said.

And some years later he did track his dad’s old car down, but it had by then been converted to a six-wheeled ute doing service in a market garden.

In more recent times he ended up with a variety of Chevys, one of them with a remarkable history.

The ’57 Pillarless was quite a find.

It was sourced from Hatillo, a town in Puerto Rico, and although 56 years old is still almost ‘new’.

Its odometer shows a scant 2755 miles (4408km) and Steve was told it belonged to an elderly man who barely had time to drive his big hunk o’ love on the long, lonely highway before the poor boy went to meet the king of the whole wide world.

None of his remaining family drove, so the Chevy remained parked in the garage of his hacienda in Hatillo for the next five decades. If it sells, that’s when the heartache begins.