Red Cross offering short first aid courses geared around assisting children and babies

New mum Marie is now equipped with first aid knowledge.
New mum Marie is now equipped with first aid knowledge.

RED Cross has developed a short first aid course for parents and carers to equip them with essential first aid skills.

Every year 58,000 children in Australia are hospitalised by accidental injuries and about 250 of those result in death.

In emergencies, most lives are saved by people nearby, so first aid training is crucial.

And now the Red Cross has developed a four-hour course to teach first aid for babies and children.

“This course is ideal for parents and anyone who spends time with babies and children as it focuses on their most common injuries and illnesses – choking, poisoning, anaphylaxis and bleeding,” said Red Cross first aid trainer Angela Moore.

“Providing first aid in an emergency is so important because it can minimise the impact of an injury, assist recovery and even save a life.

“Simply knowing first aid empowers people with a higher level of confidence to take action.”

This Saturday, September 10, is World First Aid Day and a great reminder that first aid training is something you should do for the people you love.

To book into a course or find out more call 1300 367 428, or visit