Resident, hotel in discord over noise

Leonora Gregory.          d436083
Leonora Gregory.        d436083

She said she had endured loud music played by bands playing in the pub garden of Mundaring Hotel for the past three years.

�I�ve even gone around and spoken to the manager,� Mrs Gregory said.

�He said he had a right to run the hotel as he wanted to and I said, �but not to the detriment of the community�.�

Mrs Gregory (68) said Mundaring Police and the Shire of Mundaring had spoken to the hotel about noise on several occasions.

�A seven-day noise abatement notice was served on the hotel one night,� Mrs Gregory said.

�Police suggested getting up a petition, but why should I have to get a petition started? I use a walking stick.

�I believe one voice can change the world; this man seems to think the law is for everyone else but not him.�

Mrs Gregory said on the two occasions a noise meter was left near the premises, no live performances took place at the hotel.

Shire of Mundaring chief executive Jonathan Throssell said the Shire had not served a noise abatement direction on any Mundaring Hotel publicans in the past three years. �To date, the Shire has verbally discussed the matter with the publican twice and has written once,� Mr Throssell said.

�The Shire is aware that the police have had some dealings with the hotel regarding noise.�

Mr Throssell said the Shire was aware of four other noise complaints about the venue and would continue to monitor the situation.

Should the hotel breach noise levels, the Shire has the power to issue an infringement notice, an environmental protection notice or prosecute.

Mundaring Police officer-in-charge John Browne confirmed a 48-hour noise abatement notice was issued to Mundaring Hotel about 10pm one night when officers working in the nearby police station were disturbed by the loud bass of the band.

Mundaring Hotel owner Jim Middleton said he was willing to talk with Mrs Gregory on a �one to one basis�.

Mrs Gregory said she was �full of praise� for local police and the Shire, but she was calling on residents to lodge an official complaint with the WA Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor.

A spokesman for the department said on receipt of a complaint, an inspector would establish the facts and the validity of the complaint.

Where a complaint was substantiated, an inspector would attempt to settle the matter by conciliation or negotiation, the spokesman said.