Rise in rates for less service, says Dullard

Shire president Helen Dullard.
Shire president Helen Dullard.

According to the council, this month’s Budget will result in increased costs for the shire and a decrease in service delivery for residents.

Shire president Helen Dullard said she would write to WA Premier Colin Barnett, Minister for Environment Albert Jacob and local members of Parliament expressing the council’s disappointment at the excessive landfill levy hike.

A request will be made for the levy to be fully allocated to waste management, rather than the current 25 per cent.

Cr Dullard will also write to the Premier, saying the Budget’s provision to fund local government reform was ‘inadequate’.

‘The costs of the reform process should not be met by increased rates, and the proposition that reform costs should be met by local government borrowings is unacceptable,’ she said.

Cr Dullard said while the total cost of reform was not yet known, it was expected to be in the millions of dollars for each of the affected local governments.

‘If reform costs are to be covered through an increase in rates, then this will be strongly opposed and recognised for what it is ” a new State Government tax to advance the Government’s political agenda,’ she said.

Cr Dullard said the uncertainties would delay the shire’s final budget.