River warning as plume investigated

The Avon River at York.
The Avon River at York.

A blue-grey plume that appeared in the river opposite Avon Park on May 7 was reported to the Department of Environmental Regulation.

The appearance of the plume may be consistent with sewage discharge. The Shire of York’s environment officer has taken water samples for laboratory testing.

In the meantime, residents are advised to keep themselves, children and pets away from the river and the immediate riverbank and to avoid all contact with river water until further notice.

The plume may be also due to a natural phenomenon of a build-up of material on the bottom of the river over the long, dry summer.

Shire of York President Matthew Reid said it was his understanding there had been an illegal dumping at the river.

‘We don’t know the source yet, but it has been reported to the DER,’ Mr Reid said.

‘The DER and Shire of York officers have taken samples and will investigate further.’

He said the DER had advised that natural flushing from recent rainfall events would disperse the plume.

The shire will release more information as it comes to hand.

Call shire environment officer John Coles for any more information on 9641 2233.