Saving in fees tipped

The figure was revealed at the South East Avon Regional Transitional Group board meeting last month.

Shire of York chief executive Ray Hooper said though there were rumours that Quairading, Cunderdin and Tammin could also make use of the planned landfill free of charge if a proposed merger between the councils went ahead, that would not be the case.

‘They have their own contract arrangements and the Tammin tip would be closest for those shires anyway,’ Mr Hooper said.

‘The saving of $89,000 for York is the only valid figure.’

The Shire of York held a public meeting on the planned amalgamation at the York Town Hall |on Tuesday. About 200 people attended.

Denis Hill, from the Avon Valley Residents Association, said there was a view the council had not included the community in their planning of the amalgamation.

‘The panel outlined the case for amalgamation of the four shires to increase the ratepayer base from 3500 to about 6000 at a saving of $600,000 a year in administration costs,’ Mr Hill said.

‘It is my view that unless the council becomes a little more conciliatory and consults more widely with the community, a poll here may fail simply as a protest.’

Mr Hooper said he expected to hear from the Local Government Advisory Board on the proposed merger next month.