Shire gives tick to seven small villas

Cottesloe Open winner Thomas Bond with Mack Hall.
Cottesloe Open winner Thomas Bond with Mack Hall.

Stallion Homes submitted the plan for the group of single-bedroom homes, which it estimates will sell for between $200,000 and $250,000 each.

Shire of York president Tony Boyle said the project would help cater for an increasing number of retirees, fly-in, fly-out workers and single people in the town.

‘There is an absolute need for this type of accommodation in York,’ Mr Boyle said.

‘The accommodation is very practical. In particular, for the single worker who does not want to invest in expensive property or have a big house to maintain,’ he said. ‘A lot of people live in York and drive to Northam for work.

‘We also have a quite a few fly-in, fly-out workers and retirees.’

Mr Boyle said the shire would also sell land that could be developed into new residential accommodation.

‘There is a growing need for these types of houses. I expect it will continue,’ he said.

The York Local Planning Strategy identified the site of the proposed villas in the Future Residential Development: Ford to Henrietta Streets Precinct, which aims to provide sustainable residential development and infill development in the York town site.

A condition of the approval of the project is that development must start within two years.