Shire looks to aged care

The Shire passed a motion to proceed with the lease at last Tuesday’s council meeting.

Chief executive Jonathan Throssell said the development of aged care facilities in the Shire would help meet future demand from residents.

‘The original intention of the lessee was to provide an integrated facility allowing residents to progress through various accommodation types, as their needs changed over time,’ he said.

‘However, the ability to provide this, and other amenities such as recreational facilities, will be largely dependent on what scale of development is able to be undertaken under an approved development plan.’

The land is classified as ‘potentially contaminated ” investigation required’ on the register of contaminated sites under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003, due to its centre portion having been used for landfill by the Shire.

Soil testing undertaken in 2010 indicated the area would not be suitable to build on without substantial remedial work.

‘Having been used for landfill of non-putrescible matter in the past, a thorough investigation needs to be carried out to determine if the Shire-owned land is suitable for development,’ Mr Throssell said.