Shire’s PAWs for thought


The council considered the closure of another PAW between Parrot and Sparrow courts in High Wycombe at its development and infrastructure services committee meeting on February 10.

All but one ” Cr Noreen Townsend ” agreed to recommend to the Department of Planning, which has the final decision, that the request to close the PAW be considered.

Residents around the High Wycombe PAW were contacted for feedback. Four out of the 19 responses objected to the closure.

This is the second time the closure of this laneway ” which is an alternative route for pedestrians and cyclists to High Wycombe Primary School, a library, Scott Reserve, Fleming Reserve and a nearby bus route ” has been considered.

The department in 2006 refused to support its closure because doing so would ‘have an adverse impact on the level of access to public transport routes and local recreation reserves’.

In December, 2012, the council received a petition with 26 signatures asking for the PAW to be closed.

Councillors believe the laneway is no longer an important part of the pedestrian and cycle network and it will be considered at a future council meeting.

All 10 PAWs considered for closure remain open.

If one was to be closed, the Shire would seek details about the market value of the land within the PAW and also the cost of moving or modifying services.

These quotes would be forwarded to the adjoining landowners and they would need to agree to the costs.

If the department approves the closure, the adjoining landowners will be responsible for making the necessary arrangements to amalgamate the PAW with their property by obtaining approval from the WA Planning Commission and buying the land.