Slow Down, Move Over law comes into effect, fines and penalties for drivers who don’t slow down when passing roadside emergencies

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DRIVERS who fail to slow down when passing roadside emergency workers could pocket a $300 penalty and three demerit points from now on.

The Slow Down, Move Over, or SLOMO rule, became law on Friday requiring drivers to reduce speed to a maximum of 40km/h when passing roadside emergency incidents.

Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts said the rule applied when passing police, fire, ambulance, incident response and roadside assistance vehicles.

She said speed played a critical role in the ability of drivers to stop.

“Put simply, the faster you go, the longer it takes to stop. Our emergency workers are there to help, and they deserve our respect and protection,” she said.

“Not only does this law fulfil an election commitment, it brings WA in line with other States around the country.”

Drive Safe Australia said the average family car requires about 45m to come to a complete stop when travelling at 60km/h on a dry road in good conditions.

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