Wattle Grove teacher begins with top marks

KIRSTY Campbell has been awarded the WA Beginning Teacher of the Year.

She is a teacher at Wattle Grove Primary, a school that has already had a big year with its cententary in September.

Education Minister Peter Collier said that Mrs Campbell had made a remarkable start to her career with a combination of exceptional teaching practice and a natural ability to inspire colleagues and students.

“She leads by example and encourages students and teachers to pursue challenging goals in all aspects of their teaching and learning,” he said.

“She has outstanding communication skills and is mentoring pre-service, beginning and experienced teachers.”

The award which was sponsored by Edith Cowan University was one of 11 specialist teacher awards handed down this week by the Education Minister.

Mrs Campbell said she remembered that as a little girl she taught her younger cousin to write her name by putting dots on the paper in the shape of the letters for her to trace.

“I can still see the look of accomplishment on her face when she wrote her name independently and the huge amount of pride I felt,” Mrs Campbell said.

“My Nanna said, ‘This is your calling – you were born to be a teacher’.

“So becoming a teacher was always my plan. Life however, took me on a different path.

“It wasn’t until my husband passed away in 2009, that I finally found the courage to begin my teaching degree.

“I walked into my own classroom in Term 4, 2013 and knew I had finally found my place.”