Thousands expected at field days

Doopa Dog will make an appearance.
Doopa Dog will make an appearance.

With record exhibitor numbers and new attractions, more than 20,000 visitors are expected to pour through the gates on Wednesday and Thursday.

The field days, one of Australia’s largest and most impressive agricultural expos, has a wide range of attractions ” from tractors to cheeses, water tanks to stud rams, and fencing products to fine wines.

There will also be major displays of agricultural products, homewares, fashion, machinery, four-wheel drives, lifters and diggers. There will also be demonstrations of gardening, cooking and fishing, daily fashion parades, live music and GWN7 mascot Doopa Dog’s Fabulous Live Show.

Dowerin Events Management chairman Ashley Jones said the field days offered an invaluable opportunity for farmers to talk with industry experts and share ideas and experience with other producers.

‘If you want to look at diversifying, upgrading your equipment or investigating ideas to improve your business, the exhibitors at this year’s event are there to help,’ he said.

The first Dowerin Field Day was held on September 3, 1965, as a way to prevent Dowerin from becoming a ‘ghost town’ and to help raise funds to build a dam.

The initial event had just 20 exhibitors but there were more than 2000 visitors, leading organisers to stage a two-day event the following year.

As a result, nearby towns such as Northam, Goomalling and Wongan Hills also benefit because visitors often book accommodation there.