Time to move on from unfounded allegations

James Best
James Best

In my role as Commissioner, I have been privy to these allegations. I have also seen the detrimental impact that their making has had on the shire�s staff and elected members.

There is absolutely no evidence of misconduct by the shire�s staff. The allegations that have been examined have been found to be without foundation.

I wish to make it clear that misconduct and wrongdoing must be investigated and appropriate action taken.

Allegations of serious wrongdoing should not be lightly made. It is to be regretted that this maxim has not been followed.

As my role comes to an end, it is my heartfelt desire that a small group of indignant residents will move on from historical recriminations and meet the real challenges that now must be faced.

The criminal damage to the front of the council �James Best is a w—-r� baby scribble, while puerile, represents a dark force that appears to wish to damage �Brand York�: anonymous cowards hiding behind their keyboards causing harm to good people. Everything I have asked of the acting CEO has been delivered under very difficult circumstances, diminished resources ($807,824.00 spent responding to formal inquires and staff resignations), and under the most intense spotlight during the suspension of the shire president and councillors.

I commend the staff for their stamina and commitment to delivering the best services and facilities possible. For further information, please visit the www. york.wa.gov.au/news, and keep an eye out for the new York District Events Calendar � a whole town, first place to look for events and activities from the CRC.

Please come to the York2015 community-visioning launch, to be held in late July or early August � we need your help!

Best wishes