Town facelift possible

THE Shire of Northam wants to help property owners in the Northam CBD enhance the appearance of their buildings and lift the area’s appeal.

While the main focus is initially how buildings ‘address’ Fitzgerald Street and Minson Avenue, all commercial properties in the CBD can apply for new dollar-for-dollar Shire funding.

Shire President Steven Pollard said feedback had been positive when the council discussed the grant scheme with the Chamber of Commerce and small businesses.

“The challenge for local governments is to understand how they can help small business,” he said.

“Our role is to create environments which encourage investment and attract people. However our role is just a small part of the equation, ultimately business in the CBD are the key in regards to the goods they supply and service they provide.”

The council is also looking at revamping Christmas decorations/celebrations.

It has also been allocated funding to enhance the Avon Mall, develop a ‘Pop up Shop’ concept and continue streetscaping work along the main street.

There are also plans to address drainage issues along Minson Avenue.

“The Northam CBD is a vital community asset and our commitment is to keep trying things until we get to a point where we think the CBD is a vibrant and attractive hub of the community,” Cr Pollard said.

Northam Chamber of Commerce’s Paul Tomlinson congratulated the council and encouraged property owners to get involved.

“Street presentation goes a very long way in encouraging new customers to come inside,” he said.