Trenorden to retire

Max Trenorden.
Max Trenorden.

During his time in parliament, Mr Trenorden served the Agricultural region in the Legislative Council and in the formerly named Avon electoral zone in the Legislative Assembly.

The respected politician intends to retire from Parliament in May.

Mr Trenorden, who was dumped by the Nationals, failing to win pre-selection after a re-alignment of electoral boundaries last year, ran as an independent in the March 9 election.

He cam-paigned under the Rural Independents ticket, which included Lindsay Tuckwell, Philip Gardiner, Bill Cowan and Robert Kestel in the election battle for the Agricultural Region.

Mr Trenorden said he had received strong, positive support from locals after he announced he would run as an independent.

Mr Trenorden won seven elections in a row during his time in parliament and has been an active member of the Wheatbelt region working from his office in Northam.

President of the Safer Northam Committee Brian Webb said Mr Trenorden had supported the committee over the last five years.

‘We thank Max for his support and encouragement in activities undertaken by the committee during this period,’ he said.