When Andy Tyndall’s work went up in flames, he kept shooting and is set to host first solo exhibition

Andy Tyndall with some of his work.        
Picture: David Baylis           d455220
Andy Tyndall with some of his work.         Picture: David Baylis        d455220

PARKERVILLE photographer Andy Tyndall is holding his first solo exhibition in Stoneville this month.

The former press photographer said he was invited to be artist of the month at the Just Add Passion gallery for June.

“It’s my first solo exhibition – I never really thought about doing one before,” he said.

Tyndall said much of his earlier work “went up in the Parkerville fires” so this display would include his more recent work capturing scenery around the Hills and across WA.

“It’s scenic and landscape photography but I think it’s a little bit different from your average landscape,” he said.

“It’s a very far call from what I kicked off doing, which was in London 25 years ago.”

Back then, Tyndall said he was “chased around” by angry soccer fans while working as a press photographer.

He moved to Australia in 1996 and worked for Perth’s major metropolitan newspapers for several years before becoming a freelance photographer.

Tyndall said photography involved a lot of forward planning and trying to work out whether the weather would be right.

“It’s also keeping an eye out for the pictures – they are always there,” he said.