Wine inquiry called

Western Australian Liberal Senator Dean Smith made the call following this week�s release of the WET rebate discussion paper.

Senator Smith co-sponsored the motion to establish a Senate inquiry into the Australian grape and wine industry.

�The WET rebate was established in 2004 to support regional winemakers, particularly smaller niche producers in the domestic market, by allowing them to claim up to $500,000 a year in WET tax rebates � monies that went into employing local people and supporting regional communities,� Senator Smith said.

�However, the reality is we now have massive multinational and foreign owned conglomerates receiving the same rebate, much to the detriment of the same small producers it was designed to assist,� he said.

The closing date for submissions is Friday, September 11.

A copy of the WET rebate paper and details of how to make a submission is available under consultations and reviews at