York: Award winning Jarrah honey ice cream well worth the Wheatbelt trip

Arnaud Courtin runs York Olive Oil, but it's his award-winning ice cream that is drawing plaudits from Perth.
Arnaud Courtin runs York Olive Oil, but it's his award-winning ice cream that is drawing plaudits from Perth.

YORK Ice Cream Co has won a fourth consecutive Champion Ice Cream at the Perth Royal Dairy Awards.

Arnaud Courtin’s Jarrah honey ice cream won Champion Ice cream in 2015, 2016 and 2018. His mango ice cream received the award in 2017.

Mr Courtin (69) operates York Olive Oil from his 100-acre property in Daliak, a five-minute drive from York’s town centre that is fast-becoming a must visit attraction for Perth tourists on weekends.

Incredibly, the successful foray into ice cream was a “happy accident” that occurred after his wife Danielle bought a simple ice cream machine for home use. It was also Danielle who he credits for creating the award winning Jarrah honey flavour.

“The ice cream is a hobby that got out of hand,” Mr Courtin said.

Initially they shared their sweet creations with neighbours but as it became popular, he started selling it.

Mr Courtin, originally from Brittany in France, has been making olive oil for 20 years. He said people bring their own olives to his property to use his press as well.

Mr Courtin and his neighbour and business partner Jenny Baxter operate the business, but not as a money-making venture.

He said their products were made for taste, not margins and profitability.

“We don’t run it as a business, we don’t run it for profit,” Mr Courtin said.

“We make things we’re proud of.”

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For example the award winning ice cream, which Mr Courtin said he never hesitates to add more of the expensive honey to if it needs it.

“I’m definitely an artisan,” he said.

“I work seven days a week but it’s not work.

“The product reflects our personalities; there is a lot of ourselves in our products.”

Those products include a famed sourdough break, which attracts people from Perth.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor offer rave reviews.

“The crazy Frenchman is a master of bread making… and the ice cream is so delicious,” one reviewer said.

“You pay for what you get. Every aspect is homemade and the taste reflects this,” said another.

The property in Daliak, which is open to the public on weekends, has a playground with a flying fox, picnic areas and scenic vistas.

“It’s our contribution to the local community,” Mr Courtin said.

Mr Courtin also keeps 50 goats, but not for meat.

“They all have names. They are my lawnmowers.”