Young get own Headspace

Federal Minister for Mental Health Mark Butler and Simone Boud
Federal Minister for Mental Health Mark Butler and Simone Boud

Mr Butler said Headspace was well positioned to support the growing youth population ” between 12 and 25 years ” in the area.

‘It will provide valuable support in areas like mental health, drug and alcohol treatment and health, social and vocational support,’ he said.

Mr Butler said one in four young |people experienced mental health issues.

‘High schools are in crisis with two high schools a week in Australia experiencing youth suicide.’

Headspace combines the resources of Inspire and Reach Out, health services, adult mental health services and RISE.

Helena College student Simone Boud presented the headspace Midland Manager Tony Fotis with a substantial cheque for further research after her International Baccalaureat project at school involved fundraising and research into depression.

‘I suffered depression and I got help,’ she said.

Mr Fotis praised her amazing work and her achievements and outcomes, despite struggling with depression.

He said 75 per cent of mental health issues emerged before the age of 25.

Headspace chief executive Chris Tanti, who was unable to attend the launch, said the new centre would provide much-needed support services to Perth’s fast growing northeastern region.

‘Headspace centres around the country are making a real difference to the lives of young people,’ Mr Tanti said.

Mr Butler said the Midland office would connect to the network of WA branches which included Bunbury, Kalgoorlie Osborne Park, Fremantle Broome and Albany.

‘There are two new centres to be built in Rockingham and Joondalup as well,’ he said.