Agri-tourism on the rise in the Southern Forests

Photo: Craig Kinder Food Photography
Photo: Craig Kinder Food Photography

GET a first-hand chance to learn where WA’s local produce comes from with the Genuinely Extraordinary Southern Forests Food & Farm Experience.

Food and wine tourism in WA is synonymous with the renowned Margaret River Region and the newly rebranded The Amazing South Coast.

This has sparked the Southern Forests Food Council to take action and further foster agri-tourism opportunities for its members, and more broadly the region.

In what is a small pocket of Australia’s South-West, the Southern Forests region is one of incredible variety and abundance of fresh produce, whose status as one of the Australia’s premier food bowls is growing every day.

The Food Council was founded in 2010 by a group of passionate local producers who recognised that the wealth and abundance of produce grown in the Southern Forests made it perfect for food tourism.

In collaboration with primary producers spanning agricultural, horticultural, viticulture and aquaculture industries, the Food Council has successfully launched the Genuinely Extraordinary Southern Forests Food & Farm Experience, an all-inclusive four day, three night tour, running monthly across the first weekend of the month.

Southern Forests Food Council executive chairman Bevan Eatts said these tours have been established in response to the growing demand from visitors seeking authentic experiences, paired with a taste of farming in the Southern Forests.

Genuinely Extraordinary is open to anyone wanting to go beyond the farm gate, into the paddock, packing shed or orchard, to meet with genuine down-to-earth farmers and learn about how their food is grown, packed and sent to market.

The tours are designed to be as educational and informative as they are about fun and leisure.

Boutique pastured egg farmers Coleen and Charlie Roberts from CharCol Springs base their whole philosophy around sustainability, farming for the future and farming for their children.

“Even though the demand for pastured eggs is greater than what we can now produce, we have had to face the challenge of educating the consumer on what pastured eggs are and how they are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way,” Charlie said.

“Genuinely Extraordinary is our chance to connect with visitors and with any luck turn them into loyal customers and advocates for the Genuinely Southern Forests and CharCol Springs brand.

“We take them into the paddock and teach them first hand what it means to produce pastured eggs.”

Bookings for the tour are now open for Friday, April 6-Monday April 9, Friday, May 4-Monday, May 7, and Friday, June 1-Monday, June 4.

Tickets start from $1285 for twin share and prices include expert regional hosts, accommodation, transport in the region, and meals and experiences as indicated in the itinerary.

For more information or to book your own Genuinely Extraordinary Southern Forests Food & Farm Experience, visit or call 9772 4180.