McKinlay the go-to guy

Chidlow full-forward Adam McKinlay.
Chidlow full-forward Adam McKinlay.

McKinlay, from Mt Helena, has played a major role for his club Chidlow, kicking 63 goals in the past six games.

He is well on his way to smashing his own personal best from last year, which was 100 goals.

‘The first game this season I kicked 13 goals, but since then I have just been taking it as it comes. I don’t really think about it much,’ he said.

‘After each game my teammates have a laugh about it, but I’m not fussed on the number of goals I kick.

‘I just look forward to the winning score on the board.’

But it would appear that the secret to his increasing success is an old-fashioned approach.

‘I think I have been given the chance to kick more goals by playing deeper in the forward line, but I haven’t been training any more or harder,’ he said.

‘After kicking 100 last season, I didn’t think that would happen again.’

Football is in the family blood ” McKinlay’s father Bill played and is now coaching and his three brothers also play.

But his achievements do not end with football. McKinlay also plays baseball and basketball and has played in several winning grand finals and won fairest and best awards.